We believe in breeding our dogs according to the established breed standard as far as conformation, temperament and hunting ability.  Health, longevity, and personality are also very important to us.  All of our dogs are kept as house dogs. No Kennels!!  The puppies are raised indoors (in the house) until they are at least five to six weeks of age, at which point, weather allowing, they are free to play outside, having the run of our securely fenced acreage. All of our dogs are AKC and NAVHDA registered.

Welcome To Manitou Wirehaired Pointing Griffons
Bred for the Upland Hunter


I wasn't sure if I sent you this attached picture. The picture is of a confirmed and witnessed "double" woodcock shooting. I shot the woodcocks with two 20 gauge shots after flushing the birds from a point by Bernie in the UP on September 22, 2013 . Proud day in the woods with my youngest griffon (Bernie)!!!!

​*** Bernie is going to get a brother from the 2014 litter all repeat clients get priority ***
Pepper Ann 2013  South Dakota hunt At 6 months old.....
     She is a litter mate to Quigley
​Hi , I was able to pull a few pictures off of the video. Probably more than you'd need but it was very fun. Steve and Porter were out in Middlefield, OH with some pheasant and huns on Friday. Porter totally knows his "job"! He wags his tail ferociously and then holds his point very well. He keeps his eye on his bird even with Steve moving in toward the brush. Not bad for 8 months huh? He gets excited and sometimes thinks he's a flushing dog but would work the fields much longer than Steve has the energy to!  Thank you for breeding such a great dog!   Denise and Steve

  Steve took Porter out today with the intention of just getting Porter used to the sound of a shotgun. He ran into a lot of birds and Porter was so unfazed that Steve decided "what the heck" might as well shoot a few!!Thought you might enjoy the pics. The picture of just one bird is actually Porter's first bird pointed and retrieved! Enjoy Denise and Steve
Bernie and Clark
​I have attached a few new pictures of Bernie and Clark. Clark is getting big and learning a lot from his older brother. Clark is almost bigger than Bernie. Both are doing well and are best friends. It's amazing how you can't get them apart. It's been a long bird season but both doing well. I actually think Clark maybe further ahead at this age then where Bernie was at the same age. Also, we have learned that Clark hates porcupines and sits on furniture in odd ways. We hope all is well. If you would like to see the boys let me know and we could meet up. James
CLARK      BERNIE         ACE

​                                  2015 litter  
Just a quick note to let you know that He is doing great! He is a beautiful boy and we have received many wonderful comments from everyone who has met him. My mom thinks he is the “nicest dog” and we cannot imagine life now without him.

He isn’t shy and takes readily to people. Even one of my “crusty” old hunting buddies who stopped by the other day was totally taken with him and remarked what a great disposition and personality he has even as a pup.