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Happy New Year
 We are very happy with Gibby. He is very energetic and loving. Gibby loves all other dogs .We take him to the dog park where he runs around the whole time. He usually gets a couple of walks a day. He plays tug of war with my son's lab but then they will lie together on the floor, until one of them starts to bug the other and they they start wrestling with each other.
 Gibby is great with our grandkids but thinks he should have their toys if they leave them lying around. 
My camera is not working right now so the pictures I am sending were from the summer and fall. I will send more when I can. One of the pictures shows some of our 5 grandkids.
 Gibby is starting to get some whiskers and more coarse hair on his back. He is definitely spoiled and we really enjoy him.
                                             Goewinn family (Canada/ Gibby )


 sorry it took so long to get back to you. Dori is doing great. we live in the woods so she is in the woods alot. she does very well in the field, close woker. Loves to look for birds, loves to swim, and play with our outside cats. She goes to my office alot. My patients love her. I have a friend that may contact you about a pup. I gave him your email. I will send some pictures this week of Dori. Thanks for keeping in contact. 

                                                                            Doc Allen

                                                                            Big Rapids 
Hank is great! He has the best personality of any dog we have ever had. He thinks he is one of the kids. I'll try to send some pics. I'm out of town on business right now. Thanks for touching base. He gets regular check ups with a clean bill of health. 


                                                                                    Pigeon Mich
I'll put the word out on the litter. If you need any references let me know, I'd be glad to talk to anyone about my experience. I still need to wait a year or so until my next but you can bet I'll be calling you based on Bernie. We haven't any other health issues then we've talked about. His hunting skill is still progressing, I could't be happier. We had a great season both prior to and after rifle season. We hunted a few times in December (holidays got in the way) and got a few birds but put up quite a few (shotgun scope (eye) was off). I'm getting my pictures gathered and I'll be sending you an update second season photo log. 
                                                                        T.C.  (Bernie )

  Maddie is doing well. She has gone with us to Nathans baseball practices, sometimes to the hockey rink, and the kids schools.  She is still skittish around some places, but when winter eventually ends, and I am healed more from foot surgery, she will be visiting more places.

Lately we call Maddie, the mountain goat, she likes to stand on the back of the couch or lay there, like our cat Tuesday.  I’ve sent pics of the 2 together, and with mad on the couch also. 

Her buddies include a golden doodle named Streak and a rottie named Phoenix (or butthead for short).  The 3 of them have been in training together. Maddie seems to have some issues with noise…so we r working on that with her.  

We giggle because she cant catch a treat when u toss it too her, yet she can see any bird that flies overhead – no matter how high in the air it is. She is excited with the birds that gather on our back patio…fun to watch her and Tuesday, make their noises at the birds.  
She does well with staying in the yard w/o a electrical fence…she has her moments, but have neighbors have commented on how she stays in our yard even as they walk by. Even when birds fly by, she runs after the bird, then hits the brakes when she gets to the edge of the yard.  
When ever she wants to go outside, she has to have something in her mouth…everyone is missing at least 1 shoe, I try to collect everything and throw it all into a bin.  I am working on her to ‘drop’ the item in the bin b4 she goes outside…still needs some work with that.  
We love her so much, she is such a snuggler.  Myself , neighbor and sister are going to work with the 3 dogs and try some agility training.      
Thank you, for your patience, 

Hi ,
Zoe is doing great. She is a natural retriever, besides bringing us "surprises" during our walks in the woods, she has a very soft mouth and has returned some of the birds fully alive during training. She loves birds, and although we missed bird training last season, we've started bird training her this spring. She has no trouble finding birds, hunts close and is just learning how to hold point.

Zoe is our first dog and she was so easy to train. She practically arrived house broken. She knows her basics well. The hardest part was teaching her to heel.

Although she is quite the watch dog around the house, she loves people and other dogs. Her favorite friends are Oscar a male WHPG, Gabbey a German Wirehair and her Brittany buddies -- she seems partial to other hunting dogs, but is game for playing with any dog that is friendly. She has her favorite human friends too and knows when Jeff is on his way before he gets to the drive way. She loves the water and gets swimming in any lake that she can. She'll even jump in Lake Michigan when there are waves. She would probably be a great duck hunter. She loves being around people and "helping" in what ever project is going on, including laundry and cooking ; )
She is a sweet dog with lots of personality. We are so happy that Zoe chose US.
~Natalie & Bi
.I've been checking the website and I see Bernie is a star. Thank you.
We selected our WPG (Bernie) from the Manitou Pointing Griffons Kennel after a long search for the right dog. Bernie has an excelent temperment around people of all ages and other dogs. He has an excelled natural ability for tracking game, pointing upland birds, and retrieving waterfool. We believe part of Bernies development is related to carefully selected breeding lines. Interacting with Barb, one can see healthy dogs is her goal. Based on our expeience we would recommend a puppy to active families and sportsmen alike. 
Talk soon: James

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FROM: john

Saturday, June 30, 2012 5:30 AM

Hi, puppy is doing great, he's such a smart dog, listens very well and lovers to play, he is pointing all the time, he is very trust worthy, he won't leave the yard and wants to be around me often, he's chewing everything of course but nothing house related, I'm very happy with the dog, his name is grizzly and he couldn't be more loved, again I'm amazed on how smart he is, talk to ya later

Things are going good for the most part. The Vet checkup went great, everybody there LOVED her lol She got her nails trimmed and started on Interceptor, and I got her Micro chipped> hardly any fuss out of her at all :-) Going back the 28th for her next shots.I've seen some points out of her too. Shes starting to recognize her name, and the cat has decided to stop being mad and will actually let her touch him now....which she takes full advantage of lolThe only issue I'm having is with housebreaking. She's about 50/50 right now, some days she's real good about it and others you have to watch her every second she's awake lol It'll come in time though So all in all, things are going great! I couldn't be any happier with her, she's an absolute sweetheart!

Hi ,Ozzie is doing great! We took him on his first beach run this evening and he had a ball. We managed to tire him out anyway. He is getting so big already and we are absolutely in love with him! Potty training is going well too. 

Kim  and Family

​Just an update and a couple of pictures of the puppies taken when they were 9 weeks old. Gunnar has the blue collar and Cocoa has the red one. The pups are now 11 weeks old and doing just great. They are a hoot to watch playing together, running and tumbling in the yard. Housebreaking is going well, with very few accidents, plus they are sleeping thru the night which is a great relief. They are also sharp as a tack. They had the "come" command down in about 1 hour and now we're working on "sit" and "stay". They've been to 3 puppy classes and get along famously with all the other dogs big and small, from a St.Bernard/Rottweiler cross to a Havanese. I've also included a picture I took of their momma who looks fabulous after her ordeal. 
​       We can't say enough good things about the pups.
                                                            Jack & Jane
  Hi Just wanted to let you know Hoxie is doing great. She is very calm and very trainable. Sit, stay, whoa. She is house trained, great with other dogs and people. I have her pointing and holding point on pheasant wings and took her to an alfalfa field yesterday where she found and pointed pheasant scented rags I placed out there. So far I couldn't be happier with her. We'll be going to South Dakota this fall so hopefully I'll have some good pics to send. Talk soon ! 

 Saturday, July 14, 2012 9:33 PM
I thought I would send you a quick note to update you on Cooper...
Cooper has settled very well into the family... he was sleeping through the night (until 6 am) from the 5th night on... pretty good! He is now getting a walk first thing as he is quite hyper first thing in the morning! He's just excited to see everyone after a long night! He has grown so much since we got him... we had started a growth chart for him and he's grown two inches at the withers in 2 weeks!
His vet appointment went very well... he gets his next vaccination on Monday. We are crate training him and he is doing great on his own for short periods. We start puppy classes in a couple of weeks and the trainer will work with the whole family (including Ella our 6 year old) to train him on basic obedience. We are exploring for advanced training to keep him interested.
Everywhere we go, we always get a lot of questions about Cooper... he is such a good looking dog and of course, his breed is not very common, so everyone wants to know about him. He truly has "puppy dog eyes" so he gets away with a bit. He has such a good temperament... we had him at the Dragon Boat races today (Rachel was competing) and he walked through all those people with ease... he doesn't mind people or dogs approaching him, and he is not afraid of anything. He has made some dog friends and he is really good at approaching slowly and figuring out what the other dog wants from him. He plays with those who want to play, and is subservient to those who are not too sure about him.
Finally, I attached a picture of him pointing at the races today. It's his first one (I think he did it in his first one the first week he was here (a robin) but it was so quick I'm not sure), and we couldn't tell what he was pointing at because there were so many people around.
We'll update you again soon!
 Pieniazek Family

Since the pups will be six months old on Friday, we thought it appropriate that we take some pictures to commemorate the day. Cocoa is 20" tall and weighs 43# and Gunnar is 20.5" tall and weighs 49#. If you will recall, Cocoa was the smaller of the two females in her litter and Gunnar was the runt of the males. They have both just started formal obedience training after recovering from their neutering surgery and are doing fine. They are the novelties of the neighborhood. People stop their cars to ask me what kind of dog they are and all comment on how great they look, especially together. They have taken over our bed. (Good thing it's a king sized bed). We swore we wouldn't let them, but they're just too lovable not to. The local squirrel population has learned to give them a wide berth, especially when the guys double team them, and the neighborhood association appreciates how they have policed up the beach from the canada geese. Hurray, no more goose poop in the sand. We took them to puppy socialization class and they get along with every dog they meet. Their favorites are the Bichon Frisee that lives next door and a pit bull and a boxer/rottweiler cross in the neighborhood. However, their real favorites are each other and they could spend hours wrestling and tumbling with each other. When they're not doing that, they're following one of us around the house or sleeping at our feet. They are real people dogs. We just can't say enough good things about them. In the pictures, Gunnar's in the forground and Cocoa's in the back. 
Gunnar and Cocoa
Gunnar and Cocoa

Hi ,
Stash is doing really well. He is around 27 lbs and got his first
rattlesnake vaccine two days ago.
He is learning fast and teaching us new tricks. He is not much for load
noises and is a little on the shy side. He does get along well with other
dogs and is not afraid of people it is just strange objects like
motorcycles and lawn mowers he is not sure of yet.
He isn't real good on the "come" command when off of a lead but does "hup"
or sit on command and is getting pretty good at "down". He waits for his
food until released and food is a motivator. He is house trained and will
signal he needs to go out if he can't get out by himself.
Haven't taken him swimming yet but he does like the water. Stash will tip
his gallon water bucket over on hot days and lay in the puddle. He also
likes to dig holes to lay in.
Wish I could say he has pointed a pheasant but he hasn't really had an
opportunity yet. I don't want him running in the fields yet because of
snakes. He watches birds flying and will chase things and brings things
back most of the time.
Here are a couple of pictures. The one in the pool was about a month ago
and the one with the Springer was about about 10 days ago, he was smitten
by her. The last is a current one. He is a good looking guy.
If his sister is in the Pierre area this fall we would enjoy visiting and
maybe have them chance to hunt the two of them.
Jim  South Dakota

Nike is doing great! He has so much personality! He is the center of attention in our house right now! he is such a big part of our family, and my little cuddle bug, he is happiest when he is right with us. We take him a lot of places with us getting him socialized. We have been spending a lot of time at the beach he loves to swim, he is so happy in the water, He also loves to be in the field he runs through tall grass like a champ with the biggest smile on his face. We have been training him several times a week taking him to fields and lakes practicing. We could not be happier with his performance in the field or at the lake hopefully next year we have picture with him having birds in mouth. We can't thank you enough for giving us what we think was the best dog in the litter. He brightens our lives everyday and is a joy to come home to everyday. He is truly the world best dog.
  Thanks The Millers 
Hi                                                                                                                    I wanted to send you a picture of Griffy. He is the most amazing dog and a pretty good hunter to boot! Our kids absolutely adore Griff and he hasn’t been an issue at all with their allergies! I am taking him up to hunt again this weekend and what a pleasure he is to hunt with. Listens very well, stays close, great nose and just an all around pleasure to be with. Hope you are doing well and maybe a year or two we will get another pup from you. I would recommend your dogs to anyone!  Thank You !!!
                      the Bruinus Family


Thursday, November 1, 2012 5:22 pm


Just wanted to send you a picture of Ozzie his first day out in the field. He did extremely well and the husband's friends were very impressed with him.

​     OZZIE

 Cooper is great! He is such a lovable dog and is really easy going, so he fits into our family perfectly as he is willing to do anything and go anywhere. He loves car rides and people. We finished obedience classes, and while he is smart as a tack, we are still working on things... he gets away with a bit! He loves to go for short runs with our oldest, and our son is his play buddy. He pretty much follows our youngest everywhere. I've attached a picture from about a month ago. I'll take a newer picture tomorrow and send an updated one. He's now 54 pounds - a big boy! 

I'll send another note in a couple days with a new picture...

 Take care,

​Otis is amazing. He is a huge asset to our farm and loving member of our family. He and Ila (our 2 yr. old daughter) have become great friends and play all the time. He shnarfs all the mole lines in the yard and pulls out moles that wreak havoc in the green houses and gardens. He marks the outer edge of all the farm fields and deer pressure and other animal pressure is basically at zero. I haven't had the time to hunt with him, but look forward to it. His training is going well in a piece-meal fashion. He sits, lays down, and stays great. Fetching and dropping the ball are locked down. When he has something he shouldn't I just point at him and walk towards him and he freezes and drops whatever he shouldn't have. He still likes to greet strangers pretty enthusiastically with jumping, etc., but I think we are going to have that figured out soon.
​My wife gave birth to our second daughter – Cecelia Ann – in our house about three weeks ago. Otis was a champion – he was compassionate and gentle while my wife was laboring and protective of her when the midwife arrived. He is markedly more protective when I am not home…i.e. When alpha is not home. He is protective around certain people…it's interesting how some people do it – men or women – but mostly men. Given that we have so many people through the farm all of the time it is about 1 in 20 people that Otis feels uneasy about. He is never dangerous or anything like that – just a little more barking and nervous, and he calms when we tell him it is alright.
​He runs in our back woods and ponds with me on my walks often. He trees squirrels easily and I could hunt them if I wished to. He is so agile and fluid in the woods – it's amazing to watch the trails and line he chooses to move through in the thick underbrush of southern Michigan. 
​He is set for his neutering in less than a week – Wednesday, December 12th. He is such an amazing animal…I had no idea it would be so hard for me to take away his ability to procreate. He is so strong – weighing over 65 pounds now, and it seems he is still gaining a pound or two a week. His temperament is so great. Are you all set for your studs of the future? Maybe Otis should be a consideration before I take his manhood? Let me know what you think on that asap – otherwise he gets the chop next week.
​Look forward to hearing from you soon. Hope the north is treating you well!                                           

​         BRUNO
Bruno has fit in perfectly with our family. He is very loving and affectionate to our children and our Schnauzer (Fritz). We have worked him to the field a little and look forward to continuing in the future. Bruno continues to be a puppy but, a very smart puppy. He has used a bell at the door to go outside since he was 3-4 months old. Our family is very thankful that we got our dog from you!
     Greg and family
​Porter is doing fantastic. He seems to get smarter every day. And, thankfully, more obedient. He loves to be outside - he gets so excited when we get his leash. He loves to play fetch and will chase anything you throw and bring it right back to you. He is so great with kids. Which has come in handy since my best friend's son insists that Porter is his "bestest friend" and asks to see him almost every day.I've attached a few pictures for you -   Porter wearing a sweater. I swore I'd never dress a dog, but he's just so cute I couldn't help it. I don't make him wear it for long though!
  Merry Christmas,
​Shawn & Jenna                  Doc Allen & Dori
  Same parent's Remmy / Sage different litters
​ Nike has also been out in the field he does an awesome job of working the field and quartering. His nose is absolutely amazing and he is happiest when he is in the field hunting up birds. He also loves to swim. If there is water anywhere around he wants to be in it no matter how cold it is! 
​ Thought we would write you to give you an update on our handsome man Nike. He is now a big brother, to Jase! He is the best big brother! He sleeps under the bassinet and lays his head on him or by him whenever possible. If the baby cries he comes running to make sure everything is okay! He has calmed down so much since the baby has gotten here, and he is so gentle. Our new family of four is now complete with both of our babies.  
​ Nike is such a people dog, he want to be with you whenever possible. He is so big and cuddly. He is now able to stay out of his crate at night and sleeps either at the foot of the bed, on the floor next to us or right up on our pillows with us. He also loves to give good morning kisses.  
​Thought I would send an update on Nike! He is the best big brother! Jase and Nike are best buddies, can only imagine the trouble they will get into when Jase starts walking! Nike is doing great training, he can be a little stubborn but it makes his personality perfect! He is finding pheasant and quail wings hidden in the field and gets so excited when he sees camo being put on (I think he smells it). He was very upset when Ben left to go turkey hunting and left him home! He also is great at following deer tracks in our back yard. He is a bed hog and loves to snuggle. He completes our home, we can't imagine life without him!  

 It has been awhile since I updated you on Sarge. He is one of the family and everyone is doing well. I have not hunted with him as I wanted him to get through being a puppy before introducing him to the gun and whistle. I did let him walk with us in the fall after hunting my English Setter (And Sage's best friend) Maddie. He did happen to find a couple of grouse on his first walk in the woods. And that was after 6 hard hours with my Setter and no flushes. I did have Sarge spend the last four weeks with a trainer near Ann Arbor. He has been training bird dogs for more than 30 years and has a very good reputation as a bird dog trainer. We picked Sarge up last night and was able to see the amazing transformation of our puppy into a started gun dog. The trainer did mention to me that he was an above average dog and had very positive things to say about Sarge. He mentioned to me that he has recomended you to a prospective client inquiring about Griffons. Anyways he has officially graduated and by the look of things we have ourselves a very driven, obediant and focused hunting dog to go along with a loving family member.  
​Since the pups just celebrated their 1st Birthday on the April 26th I thought it appropriate to send you pictures and an update on their develolpment. The full body picture is of Cocoa. She is 22" tall at the withers and weighs 54#. The head shot is of Gunnar, who is 24" tall at the withers and weighs 64#. Both of them are doing famously and have taken over the entire house. We are now ruled by the two of them, but it is a benevolent rule. They are great. Both have completed basic and intermediate obedience courses. Gunnar loves the lake and would spend all his time in it if allowed. Cocoa, not so much, unless there's a goose or duck she thinks might be within reach. The squirrels in the neighborhood have developed a healthy respect for the two of them. When they say this breed won't do well in a kennel setting, I believe it. They are definite people dogs. They continously follow you around the house from room to room, no matter what they are doing at the time. And if you sit on the couch shortly one or both will there to drape their chin over your shoulder or lay their head in your lap. I also am amazed how little they shed. We expected there would be a shed of their winter coat, but so far it hasn't occurred. They shed even less than our German Wirehair did; practically nothing at all. We can't say enough good things about these two. We love them.   Jack & Jane

​Hi,  It's been a little over 2 months since we have picked up our little girl, and I thought we would send you a quick email with some pictures to let you know how Blue is doing. We absolutely love her! She is so calm and polite. It took her a few weeks to really settle in, but she is so comfortable now and she is definitely part of the family. She is doing great with her crate training and house breaking. Blue is so gentle with both our boys and I really cannot express enough how much we absolutely love her! We see her pointing often at the family cat, birds, and neighbor children. She never fails to crack us up! 

She is all up to date on all her vaccinations, rabies, and our vet says she's the most calm and sweet griffon he's ever met! He did notice on one of our visits that her left dewclaw wasn't completely removed and said it must be removed soon to avoid getting an ingrown dewclaw. Her right one is fine, he says, but he did have to cut the left one last week for us because it was starting to grow into her arm and he said we should let her breeder know about this. 

We hope you and your gang of grifts are all enjoying your summer and we will send you more emails (and pictures) in the future to keep you updated. 


 I apologize for my lack of correspondence to you concerning Monty progress. I took him up North grouse and woodcock hunting for five days in Oct. Although it was not a very productive week he did point his first wild bird, a w/c and held until it was flushed!! He was only at 6 mos. old at the time!! Since we've been back he has pointed and HELD all the phez he's found (9). We need to work on his retrieving, he goes and gets the bird on his way back he plays with it. It is really funny to watch, he flings in the air and tosses it around goes and gets it and tosses around some more. He's just being a puppy. Last Aug/Sept. Monty and I attended a couple of NAVHDA training sessions and everyone in attendance was very impressed with his looks and how well he preformed in the field. Of course everyone wanted to know where he came from. They were all naming big name kennels here in the East. LOL. When I told them about you and your breeding program (only selling to hunting homes) they all wanted to know more. Don't know if you've had any inquires from any of them--sometimes it's all just talk. Because he did so well in his training I decided to take him up North when I got the call from a fellow Griffon owner asking if I would like to take Monty up North for some w/c hunting. I have to say that at 6 mos. old he covered his ground just as good as the other dogs. And his first point on a wild bird is still very vivid in my mind. It was awesome!! One of the other guys in camp saw the point and that night at camp he was telling the other guys all about it. Made me very proud of Monty. BTW I did register him with NAVHDA and may test him in the N/A test in the Spring. Not sure, haven't decided. Have any of the other puppies been tested in a NAVHDA test? I'm sure you've gotten other emails like to this on his litter mates. One other note, he is really a clown in the house too. He makes us laugh all the time. I'll close with "he is really one smart pup", learns his lesson in one or two sessions!!
 Take care,
​Hi  - I want to start out by apologizing for not sending more updates on Chewie and how she is doing, please know that I thought about it often but kept putting it off. Well being that Chewie will be one tomorrow I thought now was a better time than ever!
Chewie is doing wonderful and is our little bubba, she is about 50lbs now and has changed so much from the puppy we picked up about 10 months ago. She is so energetic, fun, and so smart and everyone that meets her comments on how expressive her eyes are. She loves exploring, "hunting" or cats, and going to play at doggie day care. The thing that excites her the most though is when it is time to "get the birds". My husband had her out several times in the late summer and fall to the local pheasant farms in the area and also out to South Dakota on a hunting trip in November. She is definitely our little hunter! After some discussion with a high school friend of ours that now owns/runs 2 different pheasant farms in our area we decided not to send her to the trainer. My husband just took her out several times to the farm in the training fields and just let her do what came natural to her. I even ventured out with them and was just amazed at what my little girl can do. I attached a picture of her and her hunting buddy Drake, they make a great team. She finds the birds and Drake bulldozes them out!  
I've attached a few more pictures of her from over the last few months, she is truly a great addition to our family. She is the wonderful, lovable pet that I wanted and the little hunter that my husband wanted so a perfect fit! Thanks again !
​Good Afternoon !
  5 months old already and a fabulous looking dog. He has THE sweetest personality ever.
  We love our dog!  
  Keep up the good work!
  Kim .

​Hi , It's been a little over a year since I last updated you on our boy Monty and a lot has happened since then. We had him neutered per our contract and he survived just fine. We've been working really hard this summer/fall on getting him steady to flush, shot and fall. Getting him to retrieve to hand was the easy part. He got that down really quick. But getting him steady took awhile. He can smell a bird at 20-25 yards away. However he would not stop to point he would keep creeping up until he was on top of the bird and of course the bird would flush and he loved that--then he could give chase! Finally this Fall it all came together for him. Not bad for only being 18 months old! So I decided it was time to enter him in the AKC Junior Hunt Test. In order to receive the tile of "Junior Hunter" a dog must achieve a passing score a total of 4 different times. Well, I'm happy to report that Monty has earned the first leg of his run for the title. Unfortunately it was the last test of the year so we will have to wait until next Spring to try and get the next 3 finishes. In the Junior Hunt Test they look for Hunting Ability; Bird Finding Ability; Pointing and Train-ability. Monty scored a 10 in Hunting; another 10 for Bird Finding Ability; a 9 for Pointing and another 9 for Train-Ability! He found and pointed 2 quail and was steady as a rock on both. He also had a stop-to-flush on his brace-mate's bird! I knew right then that he had to pass. There was no way he was going fail after putting on a performance like that, it was awesome to watch. I've attached a couple of photos of me and Monty with his first ever winning ribbon.
                           <Hi , We got our griff from you on Easter weekend of this year(2014). At nine months old, she is without question the best hunting dog we have ever had! She is such a sweetheart as well. Her name is Briar and she is a natural pointer and retriever. We have always had retrievers and we have loved all of them dearly, but Briar has set the bar high for all other dogs. Griffs are our breed now!! She has pointed and retrieved numerous pheasants and we will be taking her duck hunting in Tenn in January. She makes training easy!! Just wanted you to know how happy and pleased we are!! Thank you.  Crawford Family

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                        <<<<Photo to come>>>>>>

 Just a quick update on our puppy, Gunner.
 He is doing wonderful! He makes me laugh every single day :)
 He has so much personality. I actually took our dachshund to the vet today for an ear infection and the vet said, "Why didn't you being Gunner?!?!" I just laughed, he makes an impression on everyone.

 Here is one more picture of Gunner. He is awesome!


I hope you are doing well. I sent you a Christmas card with a few 
pictures of Audi. I have attached some recent pictures.

Again, thank you for letting us adopt Audi. We love her so much and she 
has brought so much joy into our home.

I am soon to be an empty Nester. My youngest daughter is graduating 
high school this Spring. Thank goodness I have Audi, my new baby.

Take care and Happy New Year.



I thought I would share an update from Toby. He loves to be outside in the snow and sleep on his bed. Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes He's getting big too. We've been working with a trainer at our house and he's learning fast. I think he just likes all the treats she brings. Take care-


​Hope your doing well, thought i'd send a couple pics from this fall, Pepper is close to 2 years old and is a great hunter. Pointed and retreived Grouse,woodcock & pheasant, also retrieved ducks, amazing! Couldn't be happier 

​Good Morning !
 I took this picture of Gunner this week and thought I would forward it to you. As you can see, he is one good looking dog. Sweet, funny, eager to please, loves everyone! We have had absolutely no healthy issues or anything along that line. He weighs 62 pounds and can run like a deer. Our only problem is, he does like to counter surf. We are working on that with him :) 
 Hope your winter has been good. We are in the middle of a bad cold snap! 

​Thought you and Barb would appreciate. You have an incredible bloodline and should be proud! :)

​Yukon Cornilious

​ 2015 litter (little bit ) name now is Stella 

Text--- she is crazy smart . I have never had a dog so young so smart.

Text-- she finally got a name Stella. 
she's growing and one amazing dog. 
​ Corabell from the 2015 litter , Miss Corabell is going to be a service dog .

text---Corabell is the best puppy in the world!! she is so smart and sweet ! We love her to pieces! Thank You .
​  TEXT----- Corabell and Sara at CPR training . She's the best dog!!.She weighs 20lbs now !
​Text ---- Perfect little girl:)
She is 14lbs so not very big but healthy she is the best behaved puppy ever . So intelligent I just took that picture 5 minutes ago she loves to go run errands with me.
​  TEXT---Rizzo taking a nap with his duck
Seems like he's adjusting well to his new 
home. Thanks Again!  

TEXT---Rizzo with his big sister Sugar 

Sugar is from a 2013 litter.
​  TEXT----Just sending a couple of photos of the first fishing expedition. He loves the boat and gets very excited when we land a fish . This is his first trip to our camp.

He is doing great -can't believe how much he has grown. we have received many compliments about him.
This is so long over due. . . Shooter is WONDERFUL!!! (from your 2/24/2014 litter) Last Fall Wayne took him hunting a couple times; he flushed and pointed perfectly. He comes to the shop with me everyday and is the official greeter for all our customers. I take him to parades and events and he gets so much attention. He’s like an ambassador for the breed because so few people know what he is. Last summer he pointed at everything that moved; so funny to watch. Loves the water and retrieving his ball. Want to find an agility class for him to keep his mind and body busy. We love him so much and couldn’t be happier with him. Thank you.
So hard to be a shop Griff!
​Yukon has a sister from our 2015 litter 
                    Violet Rose
  Hi Barb , Kimber is the best dog
She is so kind and loves her babies.
​Bella from 2015 litter --
  I'm a little behind with Bella's training but she is a quick learner. first night fly rod and wing.
​Just wanted to let you know our girl is just a gem. She is an absolute love. Spunky, sweet, loving and she just looks into your eyes and melts your heart. Can’t say enough good things. We adore her. Thought I’d send you some pics so you can see how she’s grown! Thanks again - so happy we found you all !  Mickey and Joy 

 Nike had a successful hunting trip today and I thought I would send you an update! He is such a good dog! He became a big brother again this year! He is so good with the kids!  

​Breeders Note;....
  This is what we strive to breed for Field and Families.  

​  Sugar Pagalini 
from princess to the field 
  ( the kids love your website)
​ Just wanted to shoot you an e-mail quick. We got a puppy from you in February and couldn't be happier !! She's smart !! she goes every where with us, she is best friends with our 4 year old. She was super easy to train and just all around a great dog. I've included pictures off my phone I don't have any hunting those are on my husbands phone sorry. Lindsey  D.
​I just wanted to touch base and give an update on the best dog in the world. She truly is the most affectionate and calm natures dog that I have ever been around. Everyone that meets her loves her. She goes everywhere with me and loves to ride in the car. I can't thank you enough for her and I certainly plan on getting her a brother from one of your upcoming litters. 

 Thanks again,
 Brandon U*S*C*G

​text: Lu is doing great, she has found her nose and is holding point really well. She is a eager and a fast learner. 
​Text: 1-29-17
   Lu is doing great ! She has taught me a lot this fall. She loves to hunt .Sometimes she starts a little slow but then becomes obsessed! We kicked around getting another Lu this year but I felt I needed to focus on her. 
   We are definitely interested in next years litter ,so please keep us posted. 
​We adopted our dear Maggie in May of 2014. We adore her. She is the perfect dog for our family. Jason and I were talking last night and I said "what if Manitou Griffs stops breeding?". So, that conversation led us to this email. 

 Will you notify your clients if you make a decision to stop breeding? If we knew, we would seriously consider getting a second dog before you close shop. 

 Anne and Jason 

​Just an updated picture, she did great this season Grouse hunting. I also took her to a Pheasent Farm. Looks like we will be going out to South Dakota this season.

 The Jaegers


​Just wanted to thank you for our Louis (from your March 2015 litter) & let you know he's doing great! Here's a picture of him, and a video of him hiking a trail in Idaho on our recent trip out west. We live on the Chippewa River in Eau Claire, WI, and he's been doing a great job retrieving floaters. He gets along with everyone, including our cat and chickens, and is very well loved. He gets lots of attention and compliments on his good looks and temperament everywhere we take him.
​text messages :
    S'mores from the 2017 litter

  You should see this girl on the hiking trails! She's unbelievable.

I feel privileged to have her !

                         Dale  PA.
​Text message:7-1-17 ( 2017 litter )
   Frankie with her uncle Elmer ( spinoni)

  She is incredibly smart butt has a prey drive of a pointer and I think she's the toughest pup you've ever had. You found the right formula . I can't wait for September 15th

text message : 7-4-17
   Trainability A+ Happy 4th from Us. 
Frankie discovered she owns 120 acre farm all to herself.

​Text message : 2017 litter ARGO
   6-8-2017 : Just to let you know that Argo is great. He was shy at first when meeting people ! we have socialized him a ton and he has gotten over it . He learns fast ad has a beautiful temperament and we love him. Thanks ! 

Text message : 6-8-2017
 He has fallen off the dock twice and swam good to get to shore and doesn't make a big deal of it .