We are not a kennel these are our pets / gundogs 
We have been preservation breeders for 20 yrs focusing on temperament, health,bidable and keeping the natural hunting ability in our puppies we produce.   
         Our  pups are priced reasonably for hunter's and active families.  3 males available, taking deposit to hold, go home 8-26-23-** Also starting litter list for Spring 2024   20yrs of References upon request.
 please contact us 
E-mail with your info ,full name ,  copy of hunting license, Phone # .....
We only breed once a  year usually in the spring 
Taking names to reserve your pup......


We Breed for the Upland Hunter's/ Water fowler and active families
       All prospective families will be  interviewed . ******E-Mails with info == full name , Phone # ,copy of hunting license required
All homes must understand these pups need exercise and family companionship (inside homes only) 

These are Bird Dogs !!!! We like to keep our dogs hunting

....Life time breeder support.......
........Life time take back of pup for any reason due to a family emergency , life change etc. We do not want our Puppies ending up in a Shelter or  rescue.

""All tails  are done by our vet ""  DR.DAVE...........
 And are 1/2 , cut to the standard with white tip left

24 Month Written health ,Heart / Hips/ Elbow/Thyroid guarantee.  Spay / Neuter contract
ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON- REFUNDABLE and must be received within 7 business days.
We are preservation breeders who have strived to keep the hunt in our Griffons, that can also be a family member.

Registered with the AKC and / or NAVHDA    
                                                                                                               BREEDER HAS THE FULL RIGHT TO REFUSE SALE TO ANYONE, ALSO HAS RIGHT TO 1ST PICK OF ANY LITTER...


     5 Th
We love our Harrison "Harry" and he fills our hearts with such joy and laughter. Harry is a wonderful dog. He is the most lovable, goofy, and happy go lucky animal I have ever met. He is incredibly smart but often clumsy, which we find kind of endearing. His favorite things are riding in the bow of the boat, terrorizing FireCat, his stuffed animal Piggy, going to "dog school", playing with the neighbor girls, sleeping in with Mom, greeting Dad at the door when he comes home from work, going for car rides and most especially getting out in the woods for a run or walk. Pretty much everything is his favorite! He has a calm laid back disposition and we hear people often say, "Wow, that dog is only how old?" This makes us proud because we are very diligent in training him to be what we believe is a "good dog" but I would have to say that he truly exemplifies the characteristics of the Griffon breed. Harry is also a very handsome and good looking dog. But, I mean look at his pictures!!! You can tell! He often receives compliments when we have him out and about. He is almost 6 months old and he weighs 46 lbs. We take him almost everywhere with us and if I could take him to work with me, I would. We have only had him for 4 months and it is incredible how much he has made himself right at home in our lives and hearts. Here it is Friday night and I would rather stay in and hang out with my dog versus doing anything else. He is incredibly spoiled but he certainly earns that right to be, with as much happiness as he brings to the two of us (three counting the cat.) And the cat has begrudgingly accepted Harry, I caught him rubbing up on Harry the other day and he snuggled up to him for a nap. Sooner or later everyone succumbs to Harry's magic. We will be filling out his registration papers soon and I think we are going to call him, You're a wizard, Harry. Next up for Harry is gundog training! Stay tuned. But I just want to say thank you Barb and Manitou Wirehaired Pointing Griffons in providing the most wonderful friend and companion. I was so nervous of the idea of picking a puppy and Harry took care of that issue and picked me right away. I never second guessed that we took the dog that was right for us home that day. Life is short and a dog's is shorter yet. We promise to make Harry's life the happiest and best that a Griff could hope to have! 

Quigley at 6 months getting it done 
                     Fall 2013
Bella Blue from the 2015 litter 10 weeks old. Pointing a bird on the tree. She lives in the Houghton Lake area.